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By working with Jayde you gain immediate benefits in five critical areas that will enable faster success in Asia.

1. Business Arrangement.  Jayde is NOT a goods and service "trader" - we work completely as a direct representative of the manufacturing companies that we do business with.

2. Set-up and Production Time.  It takes years to cultivate and manage the right type of manufacturing process with foreign countries. There are language, process and managerial barriers to consider. Working with Jayde eliminates these barriers and helps ensure faster set-up and throughput. 

3. Understanding Your Needs. Jayde prides itself on understanding the technical aspects of your product and how it will get produced. Our managers are very technically oriented. We have a staff of engineers that can also help with any design or manufacturing questions that you may have.

4. Production Experience. There is a vast amount of design, tooling and packaging experience within Jayde's manufacturing partners. They work on projects from all over the world so their experience is extended to your team.

5. Relationship. In order to be successful in this endeavor, relationship is THE most important factor. Jayde takes pride in building a close relationship with YOU and its manufacturing partners. This is essential to us.


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