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Quickly extend your manufacturing team in Asia with Jayde International

Companies spend years setting up a successful off-shore manufacturing process. The primary reason for this delay is the amount of time it takes to cultivate relationships and develop proper procedures given the language barrier and distance. By working with Jayde International, your company immediately gains over TWENTY years of experience and relationships that have been managed closely on a daily basis. Instead of spending substantial time ironing out set-up issues and logistics, you begin with production.

For over twenty years, Jayde International has serviced its customers from coast to coast to extend their present manufacturing output in Asia - whether it is tooling, component sourcing, sub-assemblies or complete assemblies. The result? Thousands of unique products delivered on time at substantially lower costs.

Jayde's close working partnerships with its comprehensive manufacturing facilities deliver a wealth of experience to help extend your production offshore. Our dedicated, hands-on work and extreme attention to detail within all steps of the process are second to none.
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